Goodbye For Now

I am having a hard time reconciling who I am outside of social media. I have gotten to interact with many lovely people online, but I look up and I wonder where my IRL people are. I look at a cute picture and smile because it’s me, but I look in the mirror and frown because it’s also me. I have spent the last 4+ years of my life studying things that make us beautiful. I’ve watched and participated in the “self-care” boom. I’m living in an age of constant news and social cycles and I am tired. I’m tired of trying figure out who I am with all these distractions. I want real relationships and I am struggling in that department because I have a hard time trusting people. It’s easier to put the walls of social media up and hide behind memes and boomerangs.

I have the utmost respect for bloggers and influencers who can keep up with the hustle and bustle of their lives and make tons of money and smile and make it all look so so good. But I am tired. I am burnt out. I enjoy writing and I enjoy learning and sharing what I learn with the world but I cannot do it anymore or else I’ll be splitting myself into two. Everything has a time and place and my time with The Chic Machine is coming to an end. I’m trying to figure out how to export all of the posts back to so that it can exist in its entirety for everyone to view. And who knows maybe I’ll come back sooner or later and start back where I left off. But I have to stop and breath. College is stressful. Some of us can’t do it all and I’m not going to pretend. So I’m going to take the next couple months to get back to where I feel comfortable creating and growing my personal relationships with others and within myself. I’m not sure how active I’ll be on social media in the near future, but I’m not deleting my accounts just yet. I love you all very much and I’m glad you all have been on this journey with me! See ya on the flip side ladies and gents.


Dymond M


Too Faced Chocolate Gold Review For Deep Skin

Welcome back ladies and gents. My apologies for the lack of a post Thursday morning. School is really getting into the swing of things and I’d rather skip a day of posting than to put up subpar blog posts. Today’s review has been in the works since I received the Too Faced Chocolate Gold Palette for Christmas! I’ve been playing around with all of the different colors and looks I could make with a large palette like this (this is the biggest I own). I purchased this palette with my own money and all opinions are my own!

This post contains affiliate link of which the proceeds go towards running this blog!

Too Faced Chocolate Gold Review For Deep Skin

I feel Too Faced’s palettes are very hit or miss in terms of formulation. I loved my Peanut Butter and Jelly palette, but the Peanut Butter and Honey Palette, original Peach Palette, and White Chocolate Chip palette were all terrible to me. However, when I went to swatch this palette in store, I had high hopes, as I’d seen a sneak peek on IG stories a couple months back. I really loved how buttery smooth the colors swatched and wore on my eye. I also loved the packaging!!! It smelled like chocolate and that gold drip on the chocolate bar looked very luxe although it caught fingerprints very easily.

Without primer, the shimmer shades didn’t wear very long (about 4 hours), but I also have oily eyelids so I took that into account. With primer, the shimmer shades lasted twice as long at about 8 hours, and the matte shades overall lasted about 6-7 hours with or without primer. I did like that the longer I wore the shimmer shades with primer, they mixed with the oil on my lids and got even more shimmery!

Too Faced Chocolate Gold Review For Deep Skin

Speaking of shimmer shades, this is certainly a shimmer heavy palette, but there are more than enough matte shades to make it a palette for everyday wear. My favorite shades are Drippin’ Diamonds, a blinding silver shimmer that I use for my inner corner highlight, New Money, a hot pink shimmer that I didn’t previously own, Money Bags, a forest green shimmer, and Love and Cocoa, a brownish red shimmer that complements my skin tone wonderfully. However, I’ve used all of the shades once save for Rollin’ in Dough, and they’re all pigmented, easily blendable, and of much higher quality than pretty much every other palette put out last year. Show what they can do when they’re not rushing to put out trendy palettes!

Too Faced Chocolate Gold Review For Deep Skin

Too Faced Chocolate Gold Review For Deep Skin

So it’s Black Girl Friendly, but what about College Budget-Friendly? I’ll be honest, I would not have spent the full $49 + tax on the Chocolate Gold palette. I already own my Urban Decay Moondust palette (which I DID pay full price for, but didn’t already own anything like it), plus a variety of other palettes, so even though all the shades aren’t identical, I could’ve made do without it. In fact, I was given a Sephora at JCP gift card and I was going to buy something totally different. That was before I realized I couldn’t use the card at a regular Sephora, so I went to my Sephora at JCP and the place was near barren. There was nothing I really wanted except this palette, and so I got it. So if you have a coupon or a gift card, I say pick it up for sure, but it’s nothing so special that would warrant paying full price for it.

Too Faced Chocolate Gold Review For Deep Skin

I hope this review has shown you the versatility of the Chocolate Gold palette from its mattes to neutrals, to bold shimmers! How do yall feel about the current Too Faced palette lineup formulations? Leave me a comment below telling me your thoughts on it! Hope to see yall soon!


Product Review: Makeup Forever Artist Color Eyeshadow

I haven’t purchased any new makeup for myself in the past month and a half, save for my Too Faced Eyeshadow palette, so I’ve been having a good time just getting use out of what I already own. I received the new Makeup Forever Artist Color Eyeshadows through Influenster for free at the beginning of December, but I was out of town and as such didn’t get them until after the new year, and I haven’t had time to review them until now! This one is going to be short, but a doozy, so buckle in and enjoy the ride!

Product Review: Makeup Forever Artist Color Eyeshadow

If you follow me over on Instagram, then you saw my initial thoughts on the shadows when  I posted swatches of the three shades I received. The mattes didn’t swatch well, as I could see every crease in my arm, especially in the light cream shade M500. The shimmer swatched better, but I still wasn’t a fan of how the formula actually felt. In the pan and on my skin they felt very dry and powdery. However, my swatches were without primer, so I gave that a go next.Product Review: Makeup Forever Artist Color Eyeshadow

This was definitely one of the worse eyeshadow formulations I’ve ever tried. I have deep skin and the two matte shades M853 ( a hot pink shade) and M500 ( a cream shade) were powdery, barely pigmented even after building up the product, and didn’t blend well at all. The shimmer shade ME108 (a black shadow with silver shimmer) was more pigmented (but not super pigmented) but blended out far better than the other two shades. I tried using the shadows wet as well which didn’t help at all, and I’m genuinely surprised I was able to make the final result look halfway decent.I liked the little magnetic case, but I’d rather depot better shadows to use in it than to use the MUFE shadows provided.

Long story short, I’ll probably keep the shimmer eyeshadow and chuck the other two since I’ve rubbed my fingers all over them. Also, for those of you that wanted to know the rest of the products I used for this look, they include:

  • Glossier Stretch Concealer in Deep all over face
  • Glossier Cloud Paint in Haze
  • Glossier Boy Brow in Black
  • Tarte Lights, Camera, Lashes mascara w/ Tweezerman curler
  • Stila Stay All Day Liquid Lipstick in Bacca
  • Stila Lip Liner in Merlot

I hope you all enjoyed this little review of arguably the worst shadows I currently own. My Glossier Solution review will be coming soon; I found out today it’d been shipped to the wrong address so I’m still waiting on it! Also, for those that missed the memo, the Glossier team listened to rep feedback (ie vocal peeps like myself) and lowered the price of their Invisible Shield SPF from $35 to $25 for good! Plus, you can score 20% off your first Glossier purchase (or just your 1st purchase with a new account wink wink) using my rep link!

My Long-Awaited Holiday Shopping Haul

Welcome back ladies and gents! A while ago I did some polling on IG stories that said you guys would like a post on my Christmas/New Year’s shopping haul and also that you’d like more video content. Well, I was able to make one of those two things happen today. Like I told you guys on Tuesday, all of my footage and edits were deleted, which bummed me out big time. I don’t do much video content specifically because of the amount of time it takes to shoot, edit, and then complete all the workings of a blog post to go with it. It’s mentally exhausting.

When it was deleted, I’ll be honest. I was near tears. It’d taken a lot to get out of bed that morning and to do what I promised you guys I would do and I felt defeated. When I finally decided to redo it, I just said yknow what??? Pictures will suffice. I feel I do better descriptors when writing anyhow. That said, I’ll be doing my best to try for some more video content in the future, and I hope yall aren’t too disappointed in me. Sob story aside, let’s get started!

You can shop my haul at the bottom of this post with affiliate links whose proceeds go toward the upkeep of this blog. Thanks! ❤

My Long-Awaited Holiday Shopping Haul

LUSH Boxing Day Haul

Most of what I got on Christmas day were items I had picked out on my list, including a Baby Driver DVD, the Productivity Project book, a Panic! at the Disco vinyl, and a few other bits and bobs. Other than that, it was mostly gift cards which I’ll never knock! My first haul was at 5:30 am PST for the Lush annual BOGO Boxing Day sale. The site sucked as per usual, but I got out of there faster than last year, clocking in at a cool hour and ten minutes. After having picked up Scrubee this past fall, I knew I wanted to smell like honey every day of my young life, so I grabbed the shower gel, It’s Raining Men, and the soap, Honey, I Washed the Kids. Bzz Bzz! 🙂

I also picked up fan favorites Twilight shower gel, and Sleepy body lotion. They both are lavender infused and knock me right out. I also grabbed a Shooting Star soap as a gift for my friend, Danielle, and it was a citrus lover’s dream. A little sad I didn’t get myself one! Lastly, while I was in Vegas, I went to a physical Lush store and they still had plenty of BOGO sets, so I grabbed Pink Christmas (not pictured because I used it already XD) and Golden Wonder.

My Long-Awaited Holiday Shopping Haul

Pick a Shirt, Any Shirt

The day after Christmas, I blew most of my money in Hot Topic (for which I did not have a gift card), and in Forever21 (for which I had a massive gift card). I tried to find pants, but I’m so devoted to my Levi’s these days that I’m really picky about how stuff fits me, so I just bought a ton of shirts! My brother gifted me the Pickle Rick tee (yes, I like Rick and Morty please don’t hurt me), and the rest I grabbed myself. My top three are probably the Clueless crop top that I already know I’ll be wearing all summer long, the Powerpuff Girls oversized sweatshirt, and the Stranger Things Steve tee that says “Pretty Damn Good Babysitter”. Honorable mention goes to the In-N-Out tee I picked up the day before we left.

My Long-Awaited Holiday Shopping Haul My Long-Awaited Holiday Shopping Haul

I also picked up a couple dress shirts, including a black and white polka dot button down with the cutest necktie ever, and a plain white button-up shirt. Not sure how I went this long in my life without something as basic as that but here I am.

My Long-Awaited Holiday Shopping Haul

Pumped Up Kicks

I do not fit the stereotype of a shopping woman at least in regards to shoes. I wear my shoes til the soles fall off or the tongue rips or the heel breaks. I hate shoe shopping, and I figure once I find a type of shoe that works for me, I’ll just buy a few of those in a couple colors until they’re all worn out. Soooo, it says a lot to me that I got three pairs of shoes this Christmas. My parents probably thought I looked homeless lol.

I got a pair of New Balance active shoes because I wore my old ones into the ground working at a pizza place. They’re covered in flour and sauce and stuff. Just nasty haha. The white high top Converse sneakers were on my list, and they’re already dirty but idc. It gives them Character. Lastly, my grandma found me a nice pair of black Vans at Goodwill that someone had defaced with Louis Vuttion stickers, so I’m currently trying to figure out how to get the glue off so they’re wearable.

Out of This World Accessories

I picked up a bunch of accessories from Hot Topic including some new pins for my denim jacket and some witchy accessories for me to integrate into my daily wear. It makes me feel more connected to whatever spirits are flying around out there.

My Long-Awaited Holiday Shopping Haul

Last But Not Least: Beauty

My Lush haul was so big that it had to have its own section, but I really didn’t spend much on beauty this time around. I picked up this Philosophy hand cream set after I got my aunt an identical one for Christmas and liked hers so much that I went back to the mall the next day for my own. Apricots and Cream is hands down the best scent (no pun intended). Lastly, I used a Sephora gift card from my other grandmother to pick up the Too Faced Chocolate Gold palette. This is the holy grail of my entire haul. At $49, it’s tied for the most expensive palette I own along with the Urban Decay Moondust palette. I have already used it to make a multitude of looks and it will be getting it’s own separate review in the near future!

Jeez louise, this was a long post! Now I remember why I wanted to record it! ❤ Thank you all for being patient with me during the wait for this post! We’ve had multiple snow days down here in Atlanta, so I’ve had more free time to brainstorm ideas for posts for you guys, but of course, I will always take your suggestions like I did with this post! Leave a comment with your best gift and I’ll see ya next week!


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Product Reviews: My Ugly Top Shelf

Good morning ladies and gents! Alas, the best-laid plans can often get messed up in the blink of an eye. I’d finished filming and editing my Christmas shopping haul for you guys yesterday, but I went back later and everything had been deleted. Footage and all. Even what I believed to have been backed up in Google Photos was gone. As a result, I had to rearrange some things so that Thursday’s post would be ready for today, but luckily I had already done the photos for that, so it was as simple as finishing the SEO and edits. The gist of today’s post is closely related to my past last Thursday. Blogging is not all rainbows and puppies. We constantly post the highlight reels of our lives in exchange for a product, money, and social status. However, I’m sure that for every millennial pink beauty product posted on IG, there is an equally un-Instagramable product hidden in her medicine cabinet. Below, you’ll find my ugliest tried and true beauty products, and how they work in my regular beauty routine.

Good news! No affiliate links in this post you guys! Click away!

Product Reviews: My Ugly Top Shelf

It’s funny how even though these products almost never see the light of day on my Instagram feed, they do the majority of the heavy lifting when it comes to everyday usage. I discovered the Aquation Body Lotion through my Twinkle Voxbox last year, and it’s the perfect moisturizing and soothing lotion that my eczema needs through the winter months before I can swap back to Bath and Body Works during the summer. Also in terms of swapping out my products for things a bit more sensitive during the winter, I’m in love with this Madina Goat’s Milk Soap that my aunt gifted to me for Christmas a few years back, and now she always sends me home with a bar or two when I come to visit.

I prefer to use the Arm & Hammer deodorant because it lasts longer than any feminine marketing deo out there. I do miss smelling like flowers, but it gets the job done, and that’s what matters I suppose. Of course, Carmex is a tried and true for many, but y’all know I prefer my Balm Dotcoms. That said, during the winter months when my lips chap and burn, but refuse to flake (thanks again eczema), Carmex helps soothe the discomfort until my lips decide the skin will fall off again. (Yes, I’ve tried many lip scrubs for this problem, no it only makes it worse).

Product Reviews: My Ugly Top Shelf

Lastly, I use a lot of Nair. My skin and razors do not mix. There’s a lot of discomfort involved and I seem to be predisposed to ingrowns no matter what technique I use, so I’ve just decided to stick with Nair. I have the body one for my legs and arms, the face cream for the face (duh lol), and the sensitive skin cream for underarms and other areas. I blame my dad for all of this, lol. No, women don’t like to talk about hair removal too often, and as a feminist, I say do it how much or how little that you want. That said, who wants to post pictures of their not one, not two, but THREE bottles of Nair? Lol NEXXXTT!

I hope you guys enjoyed this peek into my not so “desirable” products and how they function in my life. What’s your favorite product that works wonders but you kinda wanna hide with a sheet? Leave a comment down below, so I know what to try next! I will be doing my best to rerecord and edit the haul video to be uploaded Thursday! Thanks a bunch for your patience!

January Thoughts: Inside the Blogging Struggle

Good morning ladies and gents. The new year’s festivities are over, classes are back in full swing, and life is moving forward as usual. Blogging during the new year/January season is difficult. When I was younger, and I started my blog on new year’s, I was a bit naive. A new year is supposed to bring new growth and opportunities! Right? Not necessarily. 4 years later, and I still have a passion for blogging and putting out useful information in the world for my melanin gifted brothers and sisters. However, everyone just seems so…peppy?

I understand that in blogging, especially in the lifestyle, fashion, and beauty blogging community, we’re supposed to portray the ideal life and look. Part of that seems to include being happy and determined and motivated all. Of. The. Time. And I’m just not. Some days it’s a drag to get up and read and comment on blogs just for the sake of engagement that never seems to be reciprocated. Spending an hour taking photos because stock images just don’t cut it. It’s difficult. During the new year, it gets 10 times more difficult because everyone is starting their resolutions and sharing their vision boards, and keywords for 2018.

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It gets even more difficult when you dive into the world of women who blog about blogging. It all seems like a big brag-fest. How I Made $5k My FIRST Month Blogging. How My Pinterest Grew 500% In One Month. Stuff like that. And I get the idea is supposed to be to help new bloggers get off the ground and existing blogging go to the next level, but it always felt sketchy to me that the particular bloggers are making money off of making it all look easy. It’s hard to look up to these women who are constant spouts of happiness when I am not. Of course like most blogging, it’s not always like that, but even when they say they’re having a bad day, it still feels…commercialized.

And a lot of people who buy that ebook or seminar course won’t end up being dedicated to their blogs. They’ll drop it when the next best thing comes along in February, and those bloggers are essentially profiting off of people’s failed goals. For people like me, who have done their best without a huge amount of money, for years, it can be frustrating.

Wrapping Up

I’ve tried to be loyal to my readers. I don’t shill out products I don’t recommend myself. I try to put out high-quality posts and photos. I try to give yall something to interact with, and maybe I’m missing that mark. But blogging as an optimistic profession is ironically saddening for some people. Makes me want to isolate myself and just put out content without worrying about anyone else. At the same time, that’s the fastest and easiest way to kill a blog because there’s no longer that community to share it with. It’s intensely confusing.

January Thoughts: Inside the Blogger Struggle


All that said, I have a lot more free time this semester to really work on fine-tuning my blog and doing what I can do best.  If it works out for me, I suppose it’ll be a happy accident. I’ll be spending this January less on jumping straight into resolutions, and more on self-reflection so I can truly make a difference in myself and my works that I’d be proud to see. And if you all want to see something different here, you guys have to tell me! I do this all for you guys! And for those of you all who have been reading for a while, thank you so much for joining me all this time. I really do appreciate it.

That was quite a bit of a ramble, so if you made it to the end, leave a comment with your thoughts! My Christmas shopping haul will be coming at you on Tuesday so be sure to check back and follow me on my socials so you’re up to date on all of my shenanigans!

Beauty & Skincare Wishlist January 2017

Welcome back ladies and gents! I hope you had a lovely weekend! I got to enjoy a three day weekend as my school canceled classes due to bad weather. In Georgia terms, that means it got cold and rained at the same time and it blew our minds! This new year’s wishlist was requested on Instagram (via the poll feature), so I put it together for you guys! My wishlist isn’t super long because I feel I’ve essentially maxed out my skincare and makeup game (for now) and I’m moving heavily towards body care products but hey, a girl can still dream! In no particular order, my wishlist includes:

1) Glow Recipe Watermelon Glow Sleeping Mask

The reason I haven’t pulled the trigger on this item is that I’ve just finished my Priming Moisturizer Rich and I have a whole jar of Moon Mask to go through, and I don’t need a new sleep mask just yet, but the time is very near. It smells just like Jolly Rancher watermelon candies, and the jelly consistency feels very nice on the skin! Bonus points for being super Instagrammable.

2) Stila Glitter and Glow Liquid Eyeshadows

This whole line looks incredibly appealing, as I am a huge fan of glitter shadows, but I’ve had issues in the past with removing liquid eyeshadows, but with these lovely colors, I’m more than willing to give them a try!

3) Glossier Solution

Granted, this item isn’t out yet, but I want to give it a go! This product will be Glossier’s answer to chemical exfoliators. I’ve previously tried and enjoyed the Pixi Glow Tonic which uses glycolic acid, but struck out with products that used salicylic acids (which I seem to be allergic to) so fingers crossed!

4) Literally All Essie Gel Couture Shades

This line of polishes has been one of my favorites in the last year and I really hope to expand my color selection. I’m a big fan of their recent Winter collection and also their Ballet collection. Both offer gorgeous shades in a formula that actually take a while to chip, unlike other polishes I’ve tried, including the original Essie formula.

5) Pantone x Butter London Ultra Violet Polish

All the above being said, I really want to get my hands on the Ultra Violet shaded polishes from the Pantone x Butter London collaboration. This is easily the best Color of the Year in recent years (purple power!) and I can’t wait to see it all over my socials just like the millennial pink wave from a few years back.

6) Philosophy Apricots and Cream Line

So for Christmas, I bought my aunt this set of Philosophy hand creams which I liked so much, I went back the day after Christmas and bought my own (You may have seen them in my Travel Bag Post)! My favorite scent is easily Apricots and Cream so now I am determined to make my whole body smell like that. I have to choose my body products carefully, especially in my dry winter months because I have eczema and I don’t want to irritate it too much, but honestly, I’d do it for this shower set. I really would.

7) Too Faced x Jackie Aina Expanded Born This Way Foundation

If you follow me over on Instagram, you’ll see that my Maybelline Fit Me Foundation (which was a great color match) burst all over my other beauty products midflight, and now I have no foundation. This isn’t a huge problem because I only wear it on special occasions or going out nights, but I’d rather have a foundation with a pump that doesn’t do that. So I am eagerly awaiting beauty guru and queen, Jackie Aina’s collaboration with Too Faced to expand their line of Born This Way Foundations. I probably could find an okay match with the current line, but I want to wait and see if there’s a) a better match and b) cuter packaging.


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See, I told you it wasn’t too long! Thanks again to everyone who voted for this post on IG! Have you tried any of the above products? How’d you feel about them? Leave a comment below, and I’ll see you Thursday!