Product Review: Glossier’s Super Serums

Happy Monday everyone! No, this isn’t a rip-off of Captain America, but rather a product review for Glossier’s Super Serums that were launched a few weeks ago. Normally I play around with skincare/beauty stuff for about a week before I write my reviews, but I wanted to give these a little bit longer to try since they each have specific uses. I ordered the Super Pack which includes all three serums for $65.

I’ve never used serums alone before. I do have some experience with the serums and essences that my sheet masks come soaked in, and I do enjoy rubbing the excess into my skin afterwards, so I figured this would be a similar sort of experience. The packaging is the best that Glossier has done so far! Each serum is packaged in a small glass bottle with a dropper and pale pink top! It looks and feels very luxurious which I find is great for the price point.

The instructions say to apply in between facial washing and moisturising, and while you can apply with the other two, you’re only supposed to use each one ONCE per day. For each serum, I’ve applied two drops on each cheek and two on my forehead and it covers my face, so a little bit goes a long way. I’ve been breaking out a lot recently, so I’ve been using Super Pure the most out of the three.  After two weeks, I don’t see much of an improvement in my skin, and I seem to have broken out even more.

I’ve been breaking out a lot recently, so I’ve been using Super Pure the most out of the three.  After two weeks, I don’t see much of an improvement in my skin, and I seem to have broken out even more. I haven’t been wearing any makeup the last week in order to give my skin time to breath, so I’m not sure what the problem is, and I’ve discontinued use to see if it goes away soon.

Super Glow is my current favorite! It’s vitamin C infused which is supposed to give your face a healthy glow when it’s looking a little dull. This one totally works for me! It has the most watery consistency of the three so I only apply one drop per cheek and one of the forehead. It definitely makes my skin look more glowy and less tired. I do have a time making sure it doesn’t roll off my face while I’m trying to pat it in, so I suggest tilting the head back for this one.

Super Bounce has been very helpful too! I’ve been fighting a cold for the last several days and I’ve had a Netflix date with my bed and Grey’s Anatomy. I just kinda felt like a stale piece of bread. Super Bounce restores elasticity to my skin and helps it feel very soft and smooth which is great for makeup application! Super Bounce is the thickest of the serums so I alternate between 1 or 2 drops on each cheek and only one on the forehead.

Although I’ll be taking a break from these to see if my breakout subsides, I really did enjoy using these serums! I highly recommend purchasing them in the pack because you save a full $19 by doing so. However, you can buy just one at $28 to try it out!

Also, apparently there was a glitch in the Glossier referral link system. Normally, referrals are supposed to cap off at 50 people (or $500), but it allowed me to refer about 300 people (or $3000) this year. They’ve fixed it, but I just wanted to give you a heads up that my 20% off link does still work! I just won’t start earning credit again until next year. That may mean fewer giveaways for now (sad face, I know), but thanks to you guys, I was able to donate $700 of that credit I earned to Rachel’s Ray of Hope, a local charity in my town. I hope to continue to donate in the future which means you have to keep using the link!


-Dymond M.


Product Review: Covergirl Clean Matte Products

Happy Monday everyone! I hope you all had great weekends! About 2 weeks ago I had the epic pleasure of receiving my first VoxBox from Influenster! This box included a full sized BB Cream and Pressed Powder from Covergirl’s upcoming Clean Matte line along with one of their Colorlicious Oh Sugar! tinted balms to round out the look. I received my COVERGIRL Clean products complimentary from Influenster. Although I got these products for free, all opinions are my own. Let’s get started!

First up was the heavy hitter of the box, the Clean Matte BB Cream. Normally I like to go for more dewy, natural looking makeup products so I really haven’t tried much in the way of matte products. I ordered my box in the darkest shade, 560 Deep, which was a pretty good match. My only color complaint is that the yellow undertones are very prominent in this formula, making me a tad bit lighter than I am in reality. The cream was very easy to spread (I used a basic sponge to apply) and I think it blends well. Just be careful to blend all the way around the chin and neck because if it isn’t blended completely, it will leave a noticeable line. I was impressed with how quickly it turned from liquid to matte, and I don’t think it compromised my personal look any. However, for those who wear glasses (i.e. ME) be careful not to apply much product where your glasses sit on the bridge of your nose. It will return to liquid after application and start sliding and smudging and overall being gross. This was without the use of a setting spray, so I can’t determine yet if it would be better with one.


Dymond Moore

Look Ma, No Filter!

I really liked the Clean Matte Pressed Powder! I felt like I could wear the powder alone with a decent amount of coverage and it’s also very matte, but not drying! Also, the powder didn’t have that tendency of melting like the cream did, which may just be because of the formulas. The compact that the powder is in does include a mirror which is always a plus, but I always seem to have trouble getting it to click shut which results in it flipping open at inopportune moments. I don’t like that when the compact is open it can’t hold itself up and instead falls open. Not very helpful when my hands are full. It does include a puff applicator, but no finger strap, so I would replace it ASAP.

Lastly, the Colorlicious Oh Sugar Balm was meh at best. It had melted out of the tube when I first opened the box, but I was able to put it back in. I received the shade Candy, and the color payoff is pretty great, but it smells like straight sugar with a little bit of vanilla flavoring. And after my Butter London Lippy Lipstick smelled like the world’s greatest bakery, this just can’t compete.

I had a great time reviewing these products and I can’t wait to try out more products through Influenster! I enjoy trying new products, so if there is something you’d really like me to try out, let me know in the comments and I’ll do my best to get it done!

Have a great week!

-Dymond M.❤


Shopping Alert: Glossier’s The Supers

Today, Glossier released 3 serums designed for skin use to amplify your daily skincare routine. This includes Super Glow, Super Bounce, and Super Pure, which all target different skin ailments, because your skin can change and not one products can (supposedly) treat them all. All 3 serums can be purchased for $65 in “The Super Pack” or $28 individually! Don’t forget to use my 20% off coupon found on any of my previous Glossier product reviews!

Happy shopping!

-Dymond M.❤

Fall Trend Alert: Denim on Denim


In the past considered a faux pas, I’m glad to say that denim on denim is making a triumphant comeback. In my French class alone, I saw 3 girls besides myself in one day wearing the trend. And what’s not to like? Denim is easy. Denim is comfortable. Denim is “Cool.” I like to mix up washes when I wear it, usually my true blue jean jacket that I’ve tricked out with patches and pins, and my light blue Levi 501s with sneakers to match whatever tee shirt I have on that day. However, there’s nothing wrong with wearing the same color up and down. Shoot, that’s why overalls are so cute! You can find jeans literally anywhere, and chambray shirts are also relatively easy to find if you can’t get your hands on a denim jacket. For more super cool denim styling tips, check out The Jeans Blog! Anything you’d ever need to know about denim is there! Good luck, and happy shopping!

-Dymond M.❤

Sweater Weather

Sweater Weather


Hey guys! Happy Labor Day! I hope you all are enjoying your vacations. It’s starting to cool down a little down here, and while I begin to fear the cold, I am happy I can start putting my sweater collection back into rotation. This outfit is based off of a super cute oversized green sweater I got from Goodwill last fall. I usually wore it with nothing but jeans, so I’m trying to mix it up a bit. I have a cool midi tutu skirt I generally wear with t-shirts, so I’ll combine the two and see what happens! Plus, if Drake can rock that oversized sweater, so can I! I built a pretty sizeable collection last year, so I don’t think I’ll be buying any new sweaters. My goal this year has been to repurpose what I already have so that I can really attain my dream closet through proper fitting clothes, great basics, and statement pieces I can mix and match with everything! The only thing I’m really in the market for are a couple new pairs of shoes. My canvas sneakers and black pumps are pretty much worn out after years of wear (what can I say? I’m not a big fan of shoe shopping) so if you all have any suggestions on where I can find some new ones, let me know in the comments!
Have a great day!
-Dymond M.❤

Ulta’s 21 Days of Beauty 2016!

Guys, it’s that time of year again! Ulta’s 21 Days of Beauty will be back September 4th and there are some super great deals this time around! I’m excited because with the new Ulta opening in the next town over, I can finally check out the Benefit Brow Bar promotions! They also have a Clinique bar and a whole section dedicated to Lancome which I could only find online before. I’m going to be purchasing the Urban Decay Revolution Lipgloss in Vice because when I tried it on yesterday at the Grand Opening, I fell in love with it, and with my $5 off coupon it’ll be down to $6! And with my double birthday points next month, I’m going to try and rack up all throughout this sale. What will you guys be buying? Let me know!

Happy Sunday!


How to Style: Striped Shirts

How to Style: Striped Shirts

Lipsy white t shirt

€12 –

River Island short skirt

€33 –

DVb Victoria Beckham a line skirt

€260 –

New Look skater skirt

€15 –

Peony & Moss thigh high socks

€28 –

Converse shoes

€57 –

Nly Shoes black shoes

€12 –

Billini black booties

€87 –

Olivia Burton watch

€110 –

Golden bangle

€4,44 –

ABS by Allen Schwartz stud earrings

€33 –

Bling Jewelry beaded jewelry

€8,88 –

Mimi So diamond stud earrings

€3.675 –

Yossi Harari gold jewelry

€2.255 –

One of my favorite style staples is my striped shirt! It’s so chic and versatile! Here’s a couple ways to style it with one for every day this weekend!

-Dymond M.