Best Starter K-Beauty Blogs

My love of masks has been known to viewers of this blog for years now. However, my interest in sheet masks stemmed from my budding interest in Korean Beauty or K-Beauty. Tons of articles were popping up left and right over the sensational “new” skincare regimen taking over the states! And let’s be real. The K-Beauty craze is a whoooleee lotta appropriation on the part of major publishers. It’s another fad that companies are jumping on in order to stay relevant. That said, with that knowledge, I’ve done my best to be selective in the blogs that I read because I want an authentic voice teaching me all about the wonders that are K-Beauty! So I thought I’d round up some of my favorite blogs to read so that you guys can get started on the path of K-Beauty too!

  1. Snow White and the Asian Pear

SWatAP was one of the first blogs that popped up when I googled “Korean beauty blogs.” Snow (as she calls herself) does brilliant, in-depth reviews that can seem like a little too much for a newbie, but she does awesome posts for beginners as well. Here she breaks down where to buy the best stuff from beginner to advanced!

2. Fanserviced-b

Fanserviced-b is an extension of founder Tracy’s blog which was all about K-pop. She made the leap to K-Beauty in 2014 and she’s only risen since then. I think she’s one of the best blogs for beginners and the site is very easy to navigate! Here she posted a visual step-by-step of the “average” K-Beauty routine!

3. Adordee

Deborah (AKA Dee) lives in England which lets her offer a unique perspective on shopping for K-Beauty in that part of the world. Dee is also one of the darker skinned K-Beauty bloggers which is great for me because I can actually see some of the affects on someone with a skin tone like me! She also does other cool posts like blogging about K-Pop and recent movies she’s seen. Here she compares and contrasts several different foaming cleaners!

4. The Asian Beauty subreddit

Of course if all else fails, you can always hit up Reddit! The Asian beauty subreddit is super huge,super involved, and super informative. Ir you need to know anything concerning K-Beauty or Asian Beauty as a whole, I bet you can find it here. I’ve been perusing this baby for a few weeks now and I always find something new!

So there you have it folks! Some of the best intro to K-BEauty blogs I could find! Another mask review is up next so keep an eye out for that! Until then, have an awesome week!

-Dymond M. ❤

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